Mainly kayaking photographs taken on the Isle of Man and beyond.

Saturday, 8 December 2007


Once again atrocious weather continues here on the Isle of Man. Ian and I took advantage of a lull in the weather to take a quick blast out of Peel. By a lull in the weather I mean we only had force 6 winds to deal with in contrast to the gale 8's that have been blowing here for days now. This was a Rockpool fest with 50% of the Manx Rockpool fleet on display. I have the Alaw Bach as opposed to Ian who has the Alaw. Bach in Welsh means small (Alaw means song). Rockpool started with the Alaw which has a cavernous cockpit. Smaller paddlers found with the Alaw that their knees were upright, as opposed to the more familiar splayed position. Hence Rockpool modified the Alaw making the cockpit lower and the Alaw Bach was formed. The two boats are identical in every other way.

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