Mainly kayaking photographs taken on the Isle of Man and beyond.

Friday, 9 November 2007

It's Hell out there!

The top two photographs are of Fenella Beach, Isle of Man about 2 hours ago. The lower most photograph is of Christina on Long Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada.
Rather optimistically I went down to Peel for a precursory look prior to some rough water paddling. It's been blowing force 6 to 7 here for several days now, and this short trip was in hope rather than in expectation as it's hell out there. I'll try again tomorrow. The wind is straight in to shore and with a receding tide the water is literally boiling! This is difficult to capture with a small compact camera but there really are no formed surf waves to climb on the back of. It's often like this here. The Isle of Man is surrounded by large landmasses containing four countries. To the west is Ireland, to the south is Wales, to the East and North is England with Scotland further to the north. Contrast this with the uninterrupted path enjoyed by those massive Pacific surf waves pounding the West Vancouver Island coast. Perhaps I've got post holiday blues but I wish I was there now.

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