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Monday, 19 November 2007

The "ideal" kayak?

Above Picture Courtesy of Derrick Moyoleth,

As an anaesthetist I have often speculated about what properties the ideal anaesthetic drug would posses. It would be quick to act, wear off quickly with no hangover effects, stable in terms of blood pressure, breathing etc. etc.. It was nice recently however, whilst talking with Mike Web, owner of Rockpool Kayaks, to talk about the "ideal" kayak.
This should be lightweight but strong. It should have excellent storage capacity for expeditions, with a hull designed for handling rough seas. The seat should grip the paddler so that you don't slide around in the swell. There should be a skeg just in case I should ever decide that I needed one after all. The ideal kayak should be easy to transport, preferably coming apart if required. Finally it should be beautiful to look at. I don't think that this kayak exists quite yet, but it soon will. Rockpool are going to build a carbon version of there 3 piece Alaw Bach for me. It will have the seat from their racing kayak which grips the paddler as you get in. Obviously it will come apart into three pieces as in the photograph above. You can have a skeg in a 3 piece, the slider resides in the rear segment behind the paddler. It'll be black, reducing the amount of gelcoate required to cover the black carbon underneath. Of course, being a Rockpool there will be plenty of glitter.
It won't be ready until the new year. It's the first all carbon Alaw Bach Rockpool have built and a prototype needs to be constructed first. Soon you will be able to follow construction progress on the main web site at .

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