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Saturday, 3 November 2007

The Calf.

Back from Vancouver it was time for a paddle in the cold gray waters of the Isle of Man. From Port Erin to the South Harbour of the Calf of Man was surprisingly choppy; even more so on the way back. Whilst in Canada I purchased a reinforced neoprene Snapdragon spray deck. I've had a great deal of trouble with previous decks I've used. They're either difficult to apply (aquatherm or nylon decks), or last about three trips before they split, as with previous neoprene decks I've used. This one applies really easily, doesn't leak when I roll and seems tough.
I've never really walked around the Calf of Man before. I tramped from the South Harbour to the lighthouses, which are there in abundance. There are even helpful road signs. People go there to get away from it all! I met at least three people on this short trek - seemed quite busy to me. During the paddle back I bumped into Ian who was paddling a Rockpool Alaw. There now seems to be at least three of us Rockpool paddlers on the Isle of Man! will change in the next few months. I'm creating a new site with CSS, spry, XHTML, Flash movies etc. In other words it should be much more professional looking than the current site. The content will also change; more about that nearer the time.

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Ian said...

It was good to meet a fellow Rockpool paddler. And yes, that was pretty choppy, especially for only my second solo paddle! Didn't see the dolphins I'd hoped for but still a great experience - Maybe next time!