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Friday, 16 November 2007


This morning I went paddling a little way down the coast from Peel towards Kirk Michael. The sea was calm, and there was a force 4 wind blowing in from the southwest. The paddle was unremarkable, and so why am I mentioning it? Well unlike during my last paddle during which I battled against force 7 winds, this morning I had plenty of time for contemplation. In fact the subject I have been contemplating has been troubling me for several weeks now. This morning I decided to break my silence, so here goes.
A month ago a letter was sent to me as webmaster of by the owner of Adventurous Experiences, the Peel based kayaking company. He was effectively trying to prevent me from publishing any photographs on this site obtained during my frequent paddles with his "Adventure Club", or during coaching sessions I gave whilst working for his company! He believes that this content and my comments, particularly in my blog, may have harmed his business and offended his clients. There is no evidence that this site has caused any offence; the blog is archived in it's entirety and you can judge for yourself. However, this will explain why the site has been static for a while.
I have been planning a new website for some time and indeed, there are some test pages up and running on the web. However, could continue to reflect kayaking on the Isle of Man without this material being made available? Should I change the nature of the site and make it just a personal website reflecting my hobbies and interests? No one person has a monopoly on kayaking on this Island. The number of visits, hits and machine logons to the site is well up again this month compared to the last, and I would assume therefor that there is a demand for a Manx based kayaking website. With this in mind I am reluctant to change the nature of .


John said...

I've had many comments on this particular post, all of which have been supportive. Unfortunately, they do contain some strong comments and it would be safer to not allow these posts to appear on the site. Many thanks to all of you however,

Ian said...

Hi John

I've not had chance to log on for a couple of weeks but you've got my support. If you're out this weekend and don't mind me joining you it would be nice to have someone to paddle with for a change. You can contact me at

Hope to hear from you soon

Ian (Rockpool Alaw)