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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sunday Skills - sea and rock.

The adventure club Sunday paddle set off from Port St. Mary for a short distance to find a spot for skills practice. We started gently with low braces but soon progressed to what turned out to be Keirron's forte - heavily edged turns with supportive sweep strokes. He's kept this particular talent of his close to his chest as I've never known him to teach it before. This showed as he excelled at it .....
.... the rest of us, well, there were frequent splashes and plenty of rolling going on. I tend to avoid putting pictures of myself on the site but this is me trying to emulate Keirron, and then me upside down about to roll back up.
Well, to warm up we paddled on up the coast to the chasms. Last week we saw Jan and Terry rock climbing. They were with us today, but some real pros had taken their place!
We returned to Port St Mary and found it had changed. It has become a scrap metal port!!!
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