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Friday, 14 September 2007

Night Paddle.

5 Star/Staff training continued last night with "night navigation" starting at Fenella Beach.
More than anything else in kayaking I struggle with this. It's not even the navigation part its the night aspect of the exercise. Indeed, although I have no concerns what so ever about paddling into a tidal race in a force 8 to rescue someone during 5 Star assessment, I will probably fail the night nav!
The exercise started badly when my instructor asked me to take a bearing. Peering down at my map with compass in hand I set to the task. Before I was able to provide the bearing there was an unpleasant cracking noise from beneath my boat as I washed up onto a rock. It was only after several severe "edges" and a role that I was completely satisfied that there was not a big hole in the bottom of my Rockpool - just a small scuff. John recovered my map which was now sinking into the depths and I tried again. I was only 10 degrees out.
The other issue is that I can't actually see at night - although this may be the same for everyone. I think Ke**r*n may have given up on me although he's kind enough not to show it and I can't blame his instruction which was excellent.
I'll try to do better next Thursday!

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derrick said...

if there's a way to look like a bumbling fool, I usually find it when I'm under scrutiny.

Nice kayak by the way. :)