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Sunday, 16 September 2007

No Sunday Paddle!

It's Sunday and I'm on call. The wind is up, the seas are massive and I can't go. If there is one thing about kayaking I enjoy more than any it is paddling in rough water. Indeed it cannot be rough enough for me. So long as it's physically possible to make distance against the wind I'll go. It's bound to be an epic paddle but to read about it you'll have to look elsewhere.
Yesterday, Christina and I walked from Port St. Mary to the Calf Cafe, on to Port Erin for ice cream, and then back to Port St. Mary. This took all day and below are some of the pictures we took. Especially for those reading this Blog from outside of the Isle of Man I hope they do justice to the stunning scenery this Island possesses.
We didn't arrive by bus, I just thought that this hole in the wall was prone to exaggeration!
Below is Christina with a raging tidal race behind her.
An unfortunate end to a vessel at Port Erin, washed up onto the rocks.

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