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Friday, 6 February 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Bits!

It's been a "bitty" week. Firstly the Northern Norway kayaking holiday is more or less booked. It was only possible to get our heads around the web of logistics involved after several glasses of wine. Otherwise it would have taken the help of a bank of computers. Flights, hotels, cabins and hire cars are booked. I think the transportation of my kayak on the back of a lorry to Tromso is also arranged. Many thanks to the staff of the Clarion Hotel in Tromso for agreeing to help with this.
My Pentax Optio W30 has arrived which means once again I can snap photos for the blog. Thanks to Ian for holding the "photographic fort" recently. I saved over £20 by ordering it in "coral pink"! Presumably Pentax had alienated the vast majority of the male population by producing the camera in such a colour and they couldn't shift them. As it's longevity is in doubt anyway, I had no concerns about ordering a waterproof camera in such a feminine colour. In fact it's not pink at all but more of an "altered blood" colour (a medical term for blood that's been sitting in the stomach for a while) . First impressions are that I can see why Pentax don't market it as shockproof, as it feels a bit plasticy and fragile. Still all I care about is if it keeps out the salt water and lasts a bit longer than the last two waterproof cameras I had from Sanyo and Olympus.
Finally, I've spent much of the week trying to arrange a course in Canada. It's probably the most expensive course in the World costing over £10,000 for 30 days. I've been advised to make sure that my medical insurance is bang up to date! It's nothing to do with kayaking or medicine? I'm aiming to complete the training later this year or early 2010.

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