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Friday, 13 February 2009

Kayaking Isle of Man - Border Dispute!

A non-kayaking post - apologies!
If you are reading this blog at KAYAK you will be able to see through it to a large background version of the picture above. By the way that's Peel Breakwater, Isle of Man, on a very stormy day. I'm telling you this because I've been trying to achieve this transparent web effect for almost a year now. Previously, all but the blog was transparent at KAYAK, and it niggled at me. You could be excused for thinking therefor that I've solved the problem, but you'd be wrong. What you are looking at is a bit of cheating! To a professional web designer (which I am not) this would be unsatisfactory.
So what's the problem? Well the blog is located on Google's servers and is incorporated into my locally hosted web site in an "iframe". I cannot find a way of overriding the CSS (styling) in the original blog to make it transparent on KAYAK. Non of the javascript fixes I've found work. Well, you are thinking, why not alter the code at the Google end? Yep, that works but then if you access the blog directly, rather than through, as the blog is now transparent, it becomes a white out. As the text is white you can no longer read it. If I darken the text at Google then you can no longer read it at KAYAK and so on.
Another solution would be to access the Atom or RSS feed and post it into a div tag rather than an iframe, and then write the style sheets to alter the layout as I want it. That solution works well until it comes to putting an essential white border on the photos. Even using a third party feed modifier like "feedburner" I can't quite get the photo borders right. Eventually I think I will solve this with a bit of Javascript, but so far the "perfect solution" has evaded me. In the meantime the "two blogs" solution will have to hold the fort.
Sorry if I've bored to death any kayakers who may have read this.

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