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Friday, 30 May 2008

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Gordin Warner

Today's kayakblog entry is by Gordin Warner who explains why he is planning to circumnavigate the Isle of Man later this year.

Cancer is one of those things I never paid much attention to. It was something other people got. Most of my life I have spent chasing dreams similar to most others, marriage, family, a mortgaged home, a new car every few years and a good education for my son. Solid middle class stuff.

Then in late March of this year I noticed something that was out of the ordinary and headed to my Doctor for a check. Turns out I had a tumour growing in my bladder. So it was off to the urologist and surgery to have it removed. This was followed by 10 days waiting for the results of the microscopic examination of the tumour.

During those ten days I spent a lot of time thinking. I went back and clicked on linking me to Kerrion Tastagh and Jeff Norville's web page. A page I had not looked at in months.

These two guys paddled around Vancouver Island in 19 and a half days trying to raise money for breast cancer research. They succeeded in setting a record for the fastest circumnavigation but they have struggled with raising money for cancer research.

I thought about that and I thought about the excellent care and attention I have received. I don't have the skill, or fitness to attempt such a paddle as Jeff and Kerrion undertook. However I now had a very good reason to do my bit in the fight against cancer. I have benefited from the efforts of others and experienced cancer first hand. It is now time for me to step up.

Months ago I committed myself to a renovation project in Wales where there is a 300 hundred year old shepherds cottage needing the care and attention of this Canadian lad. There's also Holyhead, the North and South Stacks and Penrhyn Mawr three famous tidal races in the Irish Sea to paddle. I'd paddle them last year and was looking forward to them again.

Then it struck me. Kerrion Tastagh, is from the Isle of Man, up there at the top of the Irish Sea. He travelled half way around the world to circumnavigate Vancouver Island in an attempt to raise money for cancer research. I could do the reverse. I would paddle around the Isle of Man and raise money for cancer research. OK it's not the same calibre of paddle, but I'm not the same calibre of kayaker as Kerrion.

At the end of my ten day wait I found out the test was positive. It was a Grade 2 cancer. Not the killing type just the type that can bring about life style changes. Worse case scenario my bladder might have to be removed. I've now had a second operation and am back in another ten day waiting period. Did they get it all, is the cancer gone? In a way it does not matter. I'm moving forward. If it's gone: great. If it's not: my battle continues.

In the mean time I'm raising money to help fight cancer. You can help by following these easy steps.

1.Follow the link
2.Click on the Isle of Man, Irish Sea link at the bottom right which takes you to the Canadian Cancer Society Web page that has been set up for me.
3. On the left side of the page scroll down and click on Sponsor a Participant
4. Type gordin warner into the Enter Participants Name box and click search.
5. In the box below click on gordin warner
6. Enter a donation, click continue and fill in your name and address information so we can send you a receipt.Make a credit card donation you'll get an e mail receipt for tax purposes. Don't forget to add your name to the honour roll.

Every penny raised goes to cancer research. My expenses are mine alone. Thanks for your support.

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