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Monday, 5 May 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Calf Missed!

It was a gloriously hot, still and sunny day here in the Isle of Man. The smell of sun cream permeated my dry suite as I set off for today's paddle. We chose the coldest, mistiest corner of the Island as eight of us set off from Port Erin to the Calf of Man. Leaving the sun behind we disappeared into an icy wet sea fog, hugging the craggy coast for fear of losing our way. It is easy to become disoriented in such conditions and all sense of distance is lost. Really quite suddenly, the Calf Sound tidal race appeared in front of me and we bunched up to discuss tactics. We had a very mixed ability group, but decided to crack on using the eddies through the Sound. A ferry glide across the race was required to cross to Kitterland, the small islet shrouded in the middle of the Sound. Wisely, one paddler decided to take his chance to beach and remain behind. One by one Steve and I escorted the remaining kayakers through the fast moving water to the safety of Kitterland. Peeping around the corner, it was impossible to see more than 10 feet ahead and we retreated. You have to be able to see someone to rescue them after all and we are nearly at spring tides! Well it didn't go to plan but no one could say that it was dull!


Nick George said...

Dear John
Thanks for looking after me. Glad you had a good trip - was very misty. Had a lovely walk along the coast in my squidgy footwear. Look forward to paddling again with you soon, with less tidal flow

John said...

No problem Nick. See you next time, John