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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Isle of Man Circumnavigation.

Photos above, Tofino, Vancouver Island, B.C.
It's 5:30 am! I often awaken early, but most often when I am on call. You never quite know if and when the phone will ring! This lasts for 72 hours over the weekend. Mostly its calls simply to let you know that a case is going on. Sometimes however, within seconds I can be required to be on the road heading for the hospital with a very sick patient waiting for me. You can imagine it can be difficult to relax. Thinking about kayaking helps and with this in mind I was grateful to receive an email from my favourite part of the World this morning - Vancouver Island, Canada.
I'm headed there myself for a 3 week kayaking holiday later this year. This will be my second trip to this kayaking Mecca. I've been contacted by a chap from Victoria asking for help during his planned circumnavigation of the Isle of Man! He is planning to complete the trip with all proceeds from sponsorship going to charity. This emulates Keirron Tastaugh's and Jeff Norville's record breaking trip around Vancouver Island last year. I think a couple of non-Canadians holding this record my have ruffled some feathers over there! This trip however, will be much more leisurely. I've offered the loan of a kayak and to show the way. There's much to sort out and I'll keep you posted. ......... oh damn..... is that the phone?


Fiona Shimmin said...

Is the circumnavigation of the IOM open to anyone? Fiona Shimmin

Jessica said...

Why not start a thread on Paddle Buddy, Fiona? We could easily do the trip ourselves, no worries. Just pick a week or a weekend and see who's interested - you could do it in 3 days if you wanted so a bank holiday weekend would be fine - lots of time if you set off Friday evening. You could probably even get people to drop off hot pizza at night if you plan to be in a place with phone reception!