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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - More Photos 1.

Quite often whilst we are playing in the Isle of Man Calf Sound tidal races, people watch from the slopes just below the cafe. I often wonder what they must think of Ian, Jess and myself playing around in the white water. I have been "told off" before now just as I'm about to float off into the Sound for paddling in such "dangerous currents". Quite often people take photos of us, but it is unusual for them to be forwarded on. Hence, it was great to receive an email from Shane Stigant who sent me about 20 superb pictures he'd taken, having read the website address from the hull of my kayak. Many thanks to Shane, and I'll be posting more his stunning photographs on the site over the next week or so.

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The Black Spot said...

Excellent photos, thanks Shane!