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Monday, 20 April 2009

Kayaking Isle of Man - Douglas.

I've never paddled out of Douglas before. Perhaps it has been the stories of roof racked kayaks overhanging the pavement which earned threats of parking tickets for their owners, which put me off! It may be my imagination but the 2 hour traffic zones do seem to have grown recently. Despite all this, Ian and myself decided to risk the wrath of the Douglas parking attendants, and paddled from Douglas around to the Groudle. The brisk winds slowed us down on the outward trip, but propelled us homeward at breakneck speed. There was even time for a pint in the Queens pub and no parking tickets were earned, although "lifting and handling" guidelines may have been compromised!

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The Black Spot said...

Don't you love the long walk up to your car when the tide is out at Douglas? Makes Port Erin look like a few short steps...