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Friday, 17 April 2009

Isle of Man Kayaking - New Kayaking Directory.

I've been messing around with databases and directories. It's been part of my attempt to teach myself PHP and SQL. To help me learn how to do this I've created a kayaking directory and then added some basic search options. These new found skills are designed to be used on a bigger, better which will arrive in a few months time. But in the meantime I've added the simple directory to the current site. On the new site the search facilities will be somewhat more sophisticated but at present you can just search the database by country. There are 101 commercial kayaking outlets in there, although some of the details I have entered may not be quite up to scratch, especially when they are not in English! I've emailed all those entered to let them know I will make any changes they may want, or to delete them if they wish. You can find the directory here, and if you want to input your kayaking operation, then you can do it here.

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