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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Thank You.

It was pretty big down at the Sound on Sunday. Ian and I paddled from Port St. Mary to the Calf Sound and sampled the front of the tidal races. I hadn't paddled for over 3 weeks. It always surprises me how quickly you can get rusty, particularly in big seas as we had on Sunday.
I spoke to Mike Webb of Rockpool Kayaks on Monday. One of the reasons I hadn't been paddling was that my 3 piece kayak still hasn't been repaired after it suffered damage whilst in transit from Canada back to the Isle of Man. He has started the repair and it should be ready by Monday. He also mentioned that Rockpool are developing a new sea kayak. It's a smaller version of the Alaw Bach and is aimed at tidal race/rough water paddling but with less expedition capability. We discussed one or two novel ways in which the new boat may be altered to make it more "playful" which we don't believe have been tried before.
Finally I'd like to thank Matthew and Jim. Over the last few days or so they have worked hard to publicise , which has certainly increased the site's traffic. Hopefully this will be transformed into increased sales through the "shop" page from which all the proceeds go to benefit local Isle of Man Children's charity Mobex.

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