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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Controversy!

The weather in the Isle of Man has been terrible of late. We've endured force 10 gales, sleet, snow and much rain. Despite all that I've been harvesting genuine Manx oranges, grown and picked in St Johns. OK, they were grown on an orange tree in my bedroom but we should all do our best to promote this lovely Island.
This leads me to an Isle of Man tourist promotional video which has been screened on British television for the last few weeks. The video is one of a series of promotional adverts produced by the Isle of Man Government. This particular one features the well known kayaker Keirron Tastagh of Adventurous Experiences. It shows him kayaking, rock climbing and coasteering in various locations on the Island (view it here). On Border Television's news program Lookaround, the video came in for criticism by a high ranking official from the Isle of Man Coastguard. He felt it promoted the dangerous and sometimes fatal sport of "tomb stoning" whereby young people jump from high cliffs into the sea. This indeed has lead to deaths in the UK. Tomb stoning is indeed a reckless past time and should be condemned. Whist you could criticise Keirron for featuring in such a CONTROVERSIAL video, to be fare it does not feature tomb stoning. Coasteering is one of the sports his business provides and he offers full training, safety equipment including helmets and buoyancy, supervision by trained staff and all activities are fully risk assessed. I feel that the video is excellent, and that the public will be able to distinguish the fully helmeted Keirron coasteering from the reckless youth plunging into the sea wearing swimming trunks alone. I'm no fan of political correctness gone too far!

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