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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Isle of Man Kayaking.

With paddles from Peel and Port Erin with Ian and Fiona, I was determined to pack in as much kayaking as possible this weekend. Next week I'm off to above the Arctic Circle - paddling of course. More about that when I get there, internet allowing. In the mean time I get many emails from visitors or new comers to the Isle of Man asking what is available here for paddlers, and so I thought I'd write a short blog to refer them to.
The Isle of Man with its 100 miles of stunning, scenic coastline, crammed with marine wildlife, is a sea kayaker's dream. Whether you wish to take trips, play in ferocious tidal races or surf onto safe sandy beaches, you will find it all here. If you are a river kayaker then I'm afraid it's a different story. There are rivers, which with torrential rainfall, can become a challenging grade 5, but for the most part these remain neglected by paddlers in favour of the sea. There is a reservoir at West Baldwin where paddling takes place, but you require a licence from the Isle of Man Government. To my knowledge only one such licence has been granted.
There are a number of clubs and commercial operations on the Island which can help you get started. Paddle Buddy is an email group which puts kayakers in touch with each other. You would need your own gear, transport and to have reached a good standard of kayaking. Manx Paddle Sports also organise paddling events and can provide some coaching and equipment. There are two commercial operations, the Venture Centre of Maughold, and Adventurous Experiences of Peel, both of which can provide coaching and equipment. Finally, if you want to rent a sit upon kayak then this can be done at 7th Wave of Port Erin.

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