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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Isle of Man Kayaking - Cod.
This blog may temporarily have to be renamed Lofotenblog. There has been no kayaking so far for me to write about. Places to hire kayaks in Lofoten are few and far between. The weather has been so poor that no commercial paddling enterprise would be prepared to rent me a boat. And I don't blame them as they have their own reputations and commercial well being at stake. Having said that, there has been one day out of the last 7 that I would not have paddled had I had my own kayak with me. This is the reason I had my 3 piece Rockpool built for me and I won't be going abroad again without it.
Lofoten has much to offer however, apart from spectacular paddling opportunities. Every where you go here the cod racks as shown above can be found. During January to April, millions of cod are caught, gutted and then hung on these racks to create a naturally freeze dried stockfish. The islands earn millions from these exports each year, most of which go to Italy and Spain. The ones above were photographed a few days ago in Ramsberg where they seem to have gained a head start. The photographs cannot relay to you the stink though!

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The Black Spot said...

More amazing photographs... perhaps you should consider a change of career?