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Monday, 28 July 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Broken!

We've been back from Vancouver Island for a week. This kayaking bonanza took a great deal of planning and effort to organise, and a lot of physical and mental energy to execute. It had been part of our lives for many months and now it's over. It's been quite difficult to settle back into the mundane routine of home and work. This has been especially so as this week has presented me with one or two difficulties.
Firstly I discovered that my three piece kayak had been damaged during it's journey back from Vancouver, and one third of it has been returned to Rockpool for repairs. I then lost my Palm computer containing much important data and I discovered later that the hospital laundry had washed it for me, (my fault, I left it in my theatre blues). It is now very clean but completely dead. Continuing the "washing" theme, I accidentally dropped my Pentax SLR digital camera into a tub of water whilst washing my kayaking gear. This camera is not water proof and now it too is dead! My new car arrived, I traded in my old one which then immediately broke down - I think the garage think I pushed it into the dealership prior to collecting my new car. My new car arrived from the factory minus it's pre-ordered roof rack and put an end to several planned paddles. On returning to work I found the Anaesthetic Department was also broken, once again at war with itself over private work! (luckily I don't do private work any more). Finally, I did manage to paddle on Sunday with Ian who very kindly gave me and my kayak a lift to Fenella Beach. During the paddle to Glen Maye and back we sadly came across a dead porpoise floating on the surface. Hopefully next week will be a little better?


Danny said...

Hi John,

Sad to hear about the boat and other equipment, seems you need a four leaf clover or two ! I could do with some myself, looking for work in the IOM and just sent a email to a company in RAMSEY fingers crossed .
Pity I missed you when I was in IOM, maybe link up for a paddle in the future? I had great fun around the Calf and the nice company ie Jessica and Ian and Julie , Carole and others Ive forgotten ! Keep your head up mate take it easy happy paddling Danny & family N.Ireland

John said...

Thanks Danny. Things are even worse than that as now my waterproof Pentax Optio is dead having taken on water. Good luck with the job,