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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Kayaking Isle of Man - Surviving Gibraltar.

This blog has been devoid of entries and photographs of late. Part of the reason is that I've "fried" another waterproof camera. That's my fourth in three years. So far I've destroyed three pentax and one olympus marine cameras. Normally I'd go straight out and replace it but not this time. I'm struggling to decide which one to buy. I've come to the conclusion that so called waterproof cameras at best last about one year! Should I buy a cheap camera with poor picture quality or shell out £270 on a top spec Lumix FT2? I still can't decide and until I do photographs on this blog may continue to be snapped on my Blackberry Pearl, like the ones above.
As you can see I was in Gibraltar working for Christmas. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, confined to The Rock which is only a couple of miles square, then here are some truisms:
Be careful who you accuse of being Spanish and never ask why Gibraltar is British.
Do not put food down anywhere unless it is in a hermetically sealed container as the place is infested by ants. Similarly never eat food in the dark although I believe from certain survival programs that ants are quite nutritious.
Electrical goods are sold duty free in Gibraltar, but somehow this makes them more expensive than at home where we have duty!
You are never far from a cannon in Gibraltar.
The best Locum Consultant Anaesthetist job in the World is to be found here but alas, it all comes to an end in March.
The apes, especially the small ones, look cute but in fact they are vicious!
If you are scared of flying never willingly take off or land at Gibraltar airport, especially if there is a nasty cross wind.
That's all,
Happy new year.

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