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Monday, 4 October 2010

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Sunday.

You know, one of the reasons I've kept this blog going is to help promote the Isle of Man as a fantastic kayaking venue. These photos were snapped on a paddle yesterday from Port St Mary, around the Calf of Man and back. Ian and I had a great time although Jess was sadly missing. I think you can see the great variety of scenery and paddling conditions we encountered. But best of all we believe we made history with the first ever underwater phone call to be made in Manx waters! If you know other wise then please contact me here. (lower most photo of and by Ian Smith)

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Anonymous said...

Looking good, I keep saying it but I've got to get over there. Be one for a long weekend next year I think.

Had a few of us out on Sunday over the water from you for a play with a southerly wind against the Strangford ebb. A lot of big waves but a bit random and dumpy so not much surfing, more reacting and bracing!