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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Tofino KAYAKING.

It's been a week now since I sent a polite email to the Tofino Sea Kayaking Company regarding a solo kayak rental (see previous post). Apart from the automated reply acknowledging the receipt of my message, I still have received no reply from a human being at that particular company.
I thought I was doomed to a kayaking free spell in the paddling mecca that Tofino, Vancouver Island, is! That is until I found Paddle West Kayaking. Their courteous and thorough staff first ensured that I was competent and equipped to solo paddle around the Clayoquot Sound. Once satisfied they provided me with a boat, a paddle and all other necessary gear. And at 10 CAD per hour the price seemed pretty good too. OK, the boat was plastic, green and North American but I was so grateful I didn't care.
For your kayaking needs in Tofino, BC, Canada I would recommend Paddle West Kayaking.


Danny said...

Hi John
Glad to see you got a kayak after all , I to had "bad luck" While on hol's on Mallorca two weeks ago . A company I emailed before hand let me down a bucket full ! they told me they would deliver a boat to me, and pick up when I was finished, but when I got on the island I got a big NO on the phone ! but soon as I got back home to Northern Ireland I spent a whole day in the cockpit and toured the Co Antrim coast bliss !
Have a great time looking forward to more posts .

The Black Spot said...

What a beautiful country that is.