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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Chicken Rock Tidal Races.

I hadn't paddled for four weeks having been away working in Gibraltar. I think both Ian and myself thought we might be a bit rusty. Still, on Saturday with only the freezing cold temperatures to contend with we didn't feel that the force 4 winds and weak tides would pose much of a challenge. We headed off from Port Erin to circumnavigate the Calf of Man via the infamous Chicken Rock Lighthouse. All seemed reasonably calm at Chicken Rock until as is so often the case there, within seconds a squally, breaking, sizable tidal race appeared from nowhere. North Easterly winds aren't usual for the Isle of Man and I'd never encountered a race running to the North of the rock like this before. Ian and I counted our blessings as we made the most of the tidal race action. If you want to see what some one's face looks like as it dawns on them that they are in for a freezing cold dunking you need look no further than Ian's face in the last photograph. Of course he successfully rolled back up.

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