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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - 250!

I paddled alone today. My usual partners made excuses like "I have to go to work" and "my car is broken - again". I planned to circumnavigate the Calf of Man but when I reached the Sound I was pleasantly surprised to find some fine surfing waves. There wasn't much flow in the race but there were some high energy, long wavelength rollers piling in from the west with a following wind. These hit the small amount of flow from the race head on and reared up to become tall, breaking surf waves. These were like the waves you get on a good surf beach, with the tidal race flow acting like the shallows of a beach pushing the wave energy upwards. They were great for surfing, effortless, and with no beach to spoil the effect. The above pictures don't really do it justice.
Of course we live in days of extreme political correctness and health and safety awareness. Soon it will be compulsory to wear a high visibility jacket the whole time, even around the house. Stairs will soon be banned and everyone, even children, will have to be police checked! So this blog posting comes with a disclaimer: never go into a tidal race alone! In fact never go in a tidal race at all - they are dangerous!
This is the 250th blog posting!

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Anonymous said...

Drat, have to cancel this Sundays paddle then. I hear there is a kayak brand called "Tiderace", these should be banned too as they might encourage people to head out in dangerous conditions!

In other ridiculous news was trying to book a kids swimming badge for a scout group the other week and one council required one accompanying adult per child in their pools, so 20 kids need 20 adults in the water, c'mon...

So stuff it, decent tide Sunday, just try and stop me ;)