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Monday, 4 August 2008

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Familiar Waters.

I didn't plan to paddle out of Port Moar yesterday, but a dark cloud hung over Laxey and I drove on up the coast for a few miles. It was the first outing for my new car with a kayak on board. In particular I've installed two sets of the new Thule 837 Hull-A-Port Pro Kayak Carriers. They are a development of Thule's previous J bars. The main improvements include better padding, a slightly more horizontal lower bar making loading more easy, and of course they now have a hinge allowing the upper bar to be lowered. Having been excluded from may car parks by the height of my previous vehicle with it's J bars, this latter point certainly seems to be an important improvement. My only concern is that being fairly absent minded, I may forget to lower the bars and pull the roof off my car!
All that aside it was a great paddle. There was no sign of the Venture Centre lads whose kayaks and gear I parked next to at Port Moar. I had the sea to myself. There was just enough bounce and wave break off the headlands to provide entertainment on my trip to and from Port Cornaa. The water is different here to Vancouver Island, and this was a comfort as I was paddling alone. The waves were sharper, more widespread and unpredictable and you have to keep one eye over your shoulder. But today at least, they lacked the brutal power and ferocity of those I'd become familiar with off the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

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