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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Chicken Rock and Back!

The Adventure Club plus 1 paddled from Port St Mary to South Harbour on the Calf of Man today. I discovered soon after departure that I was to lead the trip. I quickly worked out the tide and off we went.
Looking out from the Calf of Man, and with some of Jan's excellent sponge cake in hand, I decided to paddle on to circumnavigate the Chicken Rock Lighthouse.
After a couple of roles at the lighthouse we paddled back to Port St Mary. Amongst the wildlife seen were a pod of porpoises and some basking seals.
It's always difficult taking the lead on paddles, especially when you are relatively new to it, and also when you're not expecting it. Suddenly your group awareness has to be amplified. This is more so when you have novices along on such a potentially extreme paddle as this was. It can become rather like a shepherd herding sheep. There always seems to be one determined to go off on their own. The need for eyes in the back of your head can completely change your perception, and ultimately enjoyment of the paddle. Still with 5 star looming, this is just what I need!

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